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We often hear from our patients that they have never had an eye exam as thorough as the one they received in our office. One reason for this, is our dedication to the use of technology to deliver outstanding eyecare.


Retinal Photography:

e use digital retinal photography to record and document changes in eye health. Often times retinal
changes can be quite subtle and through the use of annual photos of the eye we can precisely monitor and detect any changes that may arise. Systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol, kidney problems, multiple sclerosis among others can be visible inside your eye.

Corneal Topography:

We use the latest equipment to measure changes in your corneal health as well. For people who wear contact lenses, the use of corneal topography can aid in detecting subtle and (sometimes not so subtle) problems.  For example, the topographer can pick up corneal swelling and irregular corneal shapes from contact lens overwear. We also use the topography to help prescribe the perfect sized contact lens to best match your unique corneal shape.
Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)
The OCT is the most advanced instrument in the world to identify and detect changes to your retina and optic nerve.  This instrument is used on all of our glaucoma patients to detect changes in your retinal health even before patients lose vision from glaucoma.  Our goal is to be able to identify a problem and treat it before anyone loses vision!

The OCT is also great for patients with macular degeneration.  The OCT enables us to detect whether a person has the more common “Dry” macular degeneration or the more severe “wet” version.

Since this technology was introduced several years ago, Drs Wood and Thurmond were the first area optometrists to offer this to their patients.

A few thoughts on Dilation of your eyes ….

Over the past several years, it has become increasingly common for patients to have their eyes dilated whenever they have an eye exam.  We realize that not all eye doctors do this procedure, and patients often ask why we do it.

We can see a lot more than just your eyes …

We routinely dilate anyone over the age of 10 when they have a comprehensive eye exam.  The eyes are a window into the body and in fact the only place where doctors can see into the workings of the body in a non invasive manner.  This means we can see how well your blood vessels are working; we can see circulation problems; we can see neurologic issues such as multiple sclerosis.   The optic nerves are a direct extension of the brain and often times an issue affecting the brain can be detected in a “routine” eye exam.

So even though we realize dilation can be uncomfortable for a couple of hours after your appointment, the benefits and insight gained from such a procedure are well worth the inconvenience.  If you decide you don’t want to be dilated or would prefer dilation on a different day from your regular appointment, just let us know and we will accommodate your needs.
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